Built with Berta

  1. 'Untitled' at PARK Tilburg. Grapgite on folded paper. 2017

  2. At Lokaal 01 Antwerp 2009. [Photo: thomas uyttendaele]

    Spray paint on folded paper. height: 280cm.

  3. 'De Lading' Wetteren. Group exhibition curated by Lieven Cateau. 2011

    Tin foil and tape to the wall.

  4. First image: Lábstraction Géometrique Belge. Mouans-Sartoux 2015.Photo: François Fernandez

    Works from the series Nomap 2012. Acrylic on folded paper.

  5. 'Untitled' Tape on rice paper. 2010. [Photo: Guido Winkler]

    These works with transparent tape are almost invisible, merging into their surroundings but still able to change the environment slightly. They become most visible trough the reflection of light, so it changes with the day. Because the spectator isn’t able to see the whole installation from one point of view, you have to walk around in order to see the complete work by relating parts.

  6. 'Untitled' Graphite on folded paper. 110 x 80 x 5cm. 2015

  7. 'untitled' (screen) Graphite on Folded paper on Polystyreen. 2011

  8. 'Untitled' graphite and spray paint on folded paper. 2012

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