Built with Berta

  1. 'Untitled' (Carry) 2015. [private collection]

    Technically consisting of two layers, but not on top of each other. As might be visible at the detailed image, all white spots were marked with small circles or rectangles. The rest of the drawing is made around it. It’s like the two systems keep each other in place, like bubbles in foam.

  2. 'Untitled' (Position). Graphite on paper. 150 x 167cm. 2017.

    this is a drawing derived from a forest scene with one diagonal (tree) as a significant element. By replacing the projection twice during the process of drawing the diagonal tree merges with the background.

    Most drawings are started at the upper left corner to end at the lower right one, like a text is written. This drawing however was made randomly, every spot on the surface being a possible point of continuation.

  3. 'Untitled' (The light's from Below) 2018. Graphite on paper. 150 x 121cm



  4. 'Untitled' (From Drawing #5) photographic image. Dimensions variable, 4x5, 2017

    Drawing over projection/ Projection over drawing. Over the projection the drawing is added on a sheet of paper. when the photo is taken the projection is visible as a layer over the drawing. Both the drawing and the final picture follow standart sizes of photographic and drawing paper.

  5. Detail

    'Untitled' (about 4 months) 2014.

    Creation is also about destruction.

    After two layers the whole drawing was erased, then three new layers. The middle part is completely black and the paper pushed to its limits. Each new layer destroys somehow the layer before. At the edges of the drawing there’s a lot of information about previous stages.

    I like the ambiguousness of the middle part which is at the same time suggesting depth as a black hole and blocking this depth by reflecting the light, thus showing the drawing as an ordinary object.

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  7. 'Untitled' (Expanded Matter) graphite to wall. at PARK, Tilburg. 2017.

    Two small drawings with a distance of 20cm. in between were individually blown up until the distance was about 5 cm. Then the left image was manually replaced 5cm. until it touched the right one and they make one image together. the two lighter spots, left and right in the middle, show the former individual drawings centers.

  8. 'Untitled' (Paths) Graphite on paper. 150 x 235cm. 2016

    'Untitled' (Paths). Graphite on paper, 151 x 235cm, 2016.

    This drawing was made from 4 different images, 4 moments. During the process a previous drawing is partly removed, the remainders are still visible. I think several systems  of drawing are more or less harmonious existing together.  The erased square marks a spot where the process of merging went wrong and the surface became saturated and opaque. By making it a square, with its clear boundaries, contamination was avoided. The erased rectangular was applied to integrate the square in the drawings system; together they determine the direction of the spectators view.

  9. 'Untitled' (Done with light #2) Graphite on paper. 151 x 252cm. 2014. [private collection]

    Three photos, three moments, merged together making a new image. In the middle part the merging process went ‘wrong’, it was partly erased and two new layers were added.

  10. 'Untitled' (Searching C.D.#2) Graphite on paper. 150X242cm. 2013. [private collection]


  11. 'Untitled' (Searching C.D. #1) Graphite on paper. 150 x 170cm. 2013 [Collection AMC]


  12. 'Untitled' (Point of no return) Graphite on paper. 150 x 167cm. 2016.



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